Boutique Hotel Casa del Sole

Timis, Timisoara
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The Boutique Hotel Casa del Sole! We invite you to a unique place, not just by location but also by the services provided.


Boutique Hotel Casa del Sole was inaugurated, at the initiative and the desire of a family loving elegance and style, in Timisoara, in a quiet place but still at 10 minutes (Walking) from the active center of the city. Boutique Hotel Casa del Sole offers you a charming decor, arranged with antique furniture, art objects and a fireplace with woods in the chilly winter nights, for your comfort and relaxation. The offer of Boutique Hotel Casa del Sole is addressed to the business people, powerful people, interested in excellence services, but at the same time, the restaurant has a particularly attractive package for the young clients, who live an alert lifestyle, both for a business lunch as well as a romantic dinner.



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Boutique Hotel Casa del Sole
0356457771 - 0770852276
Timis, Timisoara